Drawn to art and creativity from a young age, my piscean waters have flowed into a creativity that allows what's inside to come to fruition.  I've been drawn to sunsets since before I could remember and since learning to surf, the images of big green waves have danced in my imagination.  In a colorfully loud way, I hope the energy of my work bursts from the canvas and brightens your day.  Aloha

It's all about the lifestyle... I invite you to come inside and spend some time browsing...

Rainbow Daze
Join the Adventure!


No matter if it's hitchhiking across state lines or disappearing into some of the most remote and beautiful places on earth, the call of life is real and the road is long & windy.  So you best seize the day and live the dream!  In fact, following my own dream is my reason for living and the continual inspiration that fuels my journey! 


Private Chef Sunset Dinners for two
Splitting time between the mystical Islands of Hawai'i and the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah, I've realized dreams do come true.  I'm grateful and feel very lucky to live in places that have some of the best conditions in the world to do the sports I love, Surfing & Snowboarding.